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Prayer is our most effective tool for spiritual growth and our most potent weapon for survival. It is the means through which we improve our relationship with our Father in Heaven, and open the treasure troves of brachah. Towards Meaningful Prayer will enable you to revolutionize your communication with Hashem. You will find powerful strategies for acquiring kavanah, hands-on techniques for avoiding distractions and practical advice on how to infuse your prayers with more meaning. You’ll discover what we should be asking for- and how to ask for it. You will be inspired and guided by more than 100 true stories of expert daveners, people who invested heavily in their tefillos and were rewarded with incredible hashgachah pratis. This is a sefer you'll want to keep handy. Consult it before davening, or anytime during the day, and learn to maximize the potential of your tefillos and personal prayers. With this chizuk, your prayers will take on a new dimension as you embark on a journey of discovery that will change the course of your life.