The Impact of As Long as I Live

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The Impact of As Long as I Live is a book about heroes — about people who chose to truly live. After publishing As Long as I Live, Rabbi Aharon Margalit met dozens of people facing difficult challenges who related that his book had impacted their decision to stop wallowing in misery and instead draw on deep reserves of spiritual strength in order to choose life. This book contains fourteen incredible stories, each one depicting a challenge and how it was overcome, followed by “Tools and Insights for Life,” applying the lessons from the stories to our own lives. Here are some of the heroes you will meet: Zevy, who made a personal commitment and saved his family from oblivion Moishy, who soared to the heights in his wheelchair Chaim, who, against all odds, recuperated from a stroke Avigdor, the brave bachur who took responsibility for his mistake Yehudah, who succeeded in utilizing the final moments of his life These are only a few of the Jews whose lives have been impacted by As Long as I Live, who have changed their attitude to life’s challenges, who, instead of being crushed by the weight of their troubles, looked for and found the reserves of strength hidden inside them and turned their difficulties and challenges into a means of personal empowerment. These stories are sure to touch you deeply and help you discover and tap into your own strengths and capabilities — and transform your life.