Song of Faith

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It’s true that the Jews are having a harder time than most people in Germany. Sometimes
there’s fighting in the streets and someone calls a Jew by a terrible name. But surely it can’t
be as bad as Opa thinks.

Liese Goldschmidt is growing up in a small German town in the late 1930s. Rather than
enjoying life like a carefree fifteen-year-old — practicing piano, enjoying music, window-
shopping with friends — Liese watches in horror as her world is turned upside down. Terrible restrictions are placed on the Jews in their small town, and scary crimes are being committed.
Liese is filled with uncertainty. Will she and her family be forced to flee Germany?
In this compelling historical novel by talented author Ellen Roteman, join Liese as she draws
upon reserves of strength and courage she never knew she possessed in order to emerge
victorious and sing her own song of faith.