Or Le Shabbat Lamp

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Using the Sliding shutter mechanism, you can control the intensity of light, from the status of full light to complete darkness.

The “OR LE SHABBAT” lamp has 25 intensive LED bulbs, an economic power usage of only 3w and a voltage of 110v-240v.

Fit to use all over the world!
The “OR LE SHABBAT” lamp has a flexible and foldable neck, it weighs only 370 grams (13 ounces) making it light and portable to carry when needed.

The “OR LE SHABBAT” lamp has an international Standard mark.
The lamp does not contains glass, is fit for use in all rooms, and is safe to use around children.

The OR LE SHABBAT lamp can be hung on the wall.

Approved for use on Shabbat and Holiday by the Institute of Science and Technology for Halacha led by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Halperin.