Mastering your Mind

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10 Proven Life Hacks for Teenage Happiness & Success

Ready to transform your life?

Whether you're a Jewish teen seeking happiness and success or a parent/educator providing emotional support to a young adult, look no further than Mastering Your Mind. Renowned psychotherapist and columnist Yaakov Barr offers his ten popular life hacks, which have already changed the lives of thousands of teens.

Inside this book you'll find:

  • Practical, tried-and-tested strategies to boost teen confidence and happiness.
  • Advanced, cutting-edge Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques.
  • Relatable teen stories, colorful layouts, and simple exercises for focused learning.
  • A rich collection of Torah sources validating psychological concepts.
  • Access to downloadable resources, including tips, curriculum ideas, and more.

Your happiness and success are within reach!

Written by someone who obviously understands teens... and knows how to speak to them.

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz

International lecturer and noted author 


Yaakov Barr offers scientifically proven, powerful CBT interventions and tailors them to suit the young Jewish reader.

Rhena Branch

CBT therapist, international author and lecturer


Yaakov Barr (MSc) is an accredited psychotherapist specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as having extensive experience as a clinical supervisor and lecturer. 

By Yaakov Barr