Looking into the Sun

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Rav Moshe Shapira zt”l was a giant in Torah and machshavah. He gave thirty to forty shiurim every week, elevating his listeners by revealing the beauty, profundity, and majesty of Torah. He traveled the world over, building communities and teaching countless talmidim. His vast knowledge and ability to penetrate depths in all spheres of Torah was unparalleled in our generation. At the same time, he had extreme love and patience for every Jew, with a singular place in his heart for struggling teens and special needs children. He was a pioneer in the kiruv movement. His greatness was as blinding as the sun. In Looking into the SunRabbi Menachem Nissel, renowned educator, culls from Rav Moshe’s shiurim to address the most vital topics of our day. He also shares his thirty-seven years of personal memories, accompanied with stories from Rav Moshe’s life. It is only a glimpse — radiating with the light, the warmth, and power of one of the unique gedolim of our times.