Living Emunah 7 - paperback

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With over 300,000 copies in print, the Living Emunah series has transformed, and immeasurably improved, the lives of countless Jews. Emunah touches upon every aspect of our lives. It’s about classic Jewish thought. It’s about everyday life and amazing miracles, relationships and parnasah and all the challenges we face. 

Because everything, absolutely everything, comes down to emunah.

Living Emunah 7 discusses topics like reward and punishment, tefillah, the importance of shalom, hashgachah pratis and so much more – all examined through the prism of emunah, of faith in Hashem. We’ll discover the power of teshuvah to make things better, and why honesty really is the best policy. And we will see the profound love that Hashem has for every one of us, even when we are being tested or challenged by suffering. 

And stories -- so many stories that engage and inspire us. A man faces a $200,000 surgery – that unexpectedly costs nothing! A woman takes care of an orphan, who repays his debt to her four decades later. A problem finding a parking space brings a six year search for someone to an end. In story after story we see Hashem’s Hand, the care and compassion He has for us, and His Presence in every part of our lives. 

Like all the volumes in this beloved series, Living Emunah 7 brings us to a higher level of emunah, helping us stay firmly placed on the path to serenity.