Let my Nation Begin

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A three-year-old boy, hiding from those who wish to kill him, looks up at the sky and discovers the Master of the Universe. His belief stands alone against the entire pagan world. As progenitor of the Jewish people, he will save all of humanity.


Avraham Avinu’s life is an amazing story of trial and tribulation, of triumph against overwhelming odds. It combines the epitome of loving kindness with perfect faith and unwavering obedience to Hashem. Avraham’s strength in overcoming every ordeal was indelibly transmitted into the very being of his descendants — the Jewish nation.


Let My Nation Begin fills in the details, based on Talmudic and Midrashic sources and works of Rishonim and Acharonimthroughout the millennia. His tenth volume in the Let My Nation seriesRabbi Yosef Deutsch enthralls with his trademark drama, humor, and attention to facts. Nimrod’s fiery furnace, the war against the Alliance of the Four Kings, the Akeidah — read about Avraham’s ten tests as if you were there, and learn the secret of our nation’s great beginning.