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      The concept of Step It Up is pretty simple. The colored arrows, which represent notes, float up the screen according to the beat of the song; as they reach targets [1], the player presses a button corresponding to the target and is judged based on his/her timing. Each note is then graded on the level of accuracy achieved [2], with the highest levels adding to a combocount [3] that continues as long as successive note grades are at or above the combo level.
     A life bar [4] measures whether or not the player’s performance is sufficient to pass the song and continue play, while the percentage meter [5] keeps count of the score.

     Each song contains multiple difficulties for different levels of play (each difficulty level
[6] is represented by a different color). Songs of greater difficulty may contain the usage of HANDS, MINES [7], and ROLLS, more complicated steps which are discussed in detail here.

The song progress meter [8] tells the player how far along in the song he/she is. (If your stamina is running low, take a peek at the song progress meter – the song may be almost over!) At the end of the song, the player receives a score and overall grade. An award of AAAA (quadruple A) is the highest overall grade and indicates that a player has triggered all arrows with perfect timing (within 0.0225 seconds of the arrow reaching the target). An E indicates failure for a player to survive the length of the song without completely draining his/her life bar.

When the colored arrows overlap the gray arrow at the top of the screen, hit the button on your dance pad corresponding to the direction of that arrow. When you step, a grade will appear near the center of the screen saying how accurate your step was.

* Perfect timing [Fantastic] - white flash                        

* Nearly perfect timing [Excellent] - yellow flash[9]

* Great timing - green flash

* Good timing - light blue flash

* Boo timing [Barely] - purple flash

* Miss - no color. You did not step anywhere near the note. Better luck next time.

When you string together Fantastic, Excellent, or Great judgments, it makes a combo. Your current combo is shown in the middle of the screen just below the step judgment. If you get a judgment of Good or worse, your combo counter is reset to 0. Higher combos are better for bragging rights :) and improving your high score.

If 2 arrows scroll simultaneously, you will have to jump! See Special Features for an explanation of special steps and challenging game modes.