It's Only Money

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Enter the compelling world of the Abrams family.\r\n\r\n

Mordechai and Leah Abrams had it all — a terrific\r\nmarriage, four wonderful children, and a gorgeous home.\r\nThen, in a flash, their money is gone, and they are plunged\r\ninto debt. Like a deadly oil spill, the effects ooze into every aspect\r\nof their lives, wreaking havoc on their world.\r\n

Where can they cut the budget without leaking their\r\nterrible secret? How will their oldest daughter, Yaffa, find a\r\nshidduch? What will happen with Huvi’s seminary plans? As the\r\nnew reality sets in, the entire family gets sucked into a vortex of\r\npain and shame.\r\n

Across town, an eight-year-old boy fights for his life.\r\nLeukemia is sweeping through little Yaakov’s body, and\r\nwithout a bone-marrow transplant, he doesn’t stand a\r\nchance. Leah davens for him in her weekly Tehillim group. But\r\nlittle does she know how their lives will soon be linked together\r\n— or of the terrible test she’ll have to face.\r\n

Betrayal and belief.\r\n
Duplicity and determination.

It’s Only Money is a powerful novel about the choices we make\r\nin trying times. This first saga in the stirring Legacy series will\r\ncapture your heart and transport you into the inner world of the\r\nindomitable Abrams family.