Eli & Sruli and the Chinese Spy-Bot

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A Comic Book

At a busy port in Ashdod, a crate tumbles off a shipping container and is accidentally sent to a toy-import company. Immediately after the crate is sent out, a man comes to claim the item. He is very upset about its disappearance. 

No wonder. The crate contains a sophisticated robot hidden inside a toy car, and this robot is of vital importance to the Chinese government. Sever­al Chinese diplomats are dispatched on a frantic mission to track down the missing robot. 

Reb Michael, owner of the toy import business, gives the toy car to his young friend Eli, who discov­ers the hidden robot. Eli and his cousin Sruli sus­pect that the robot is part of some secret plan. Little do they know how right they are...

The Chinese ambassador is determined to help his government's sinister plan succeed. 

Can two boys stand up against the mighty Chinese Communist regime?