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It's hard to believe but... Asking your child to stop talking with his mouth full is likely to increase this bad habit. Telling your child to use his words instead of his hands will probably increase this behavior. Punishing your child for speaking to you disrespectfully will not teach her to speak respectfully next time. Why do these common parenting strategies fail? And what strategies will work? Better Behavior Now! will help you bring out the best in every child at every age and stage of development. Discover how behaviors are learned, maintained, and changed. You’ll be able to successfully address any behavioral issue: homework habits, sibling conflict, table manners, morning and bedtime routines, responsibilities, respect, emotional regulation, and more. The Better Behavior Now approach is easy on you and on your child. It’s pleasant, positive, and powerfully effective. Bring out the best in yourself and your child with this eye-opening, game-changing parenting strategy!